Chairside Computing

The thought of the paperless practice is appealing. Having the patient's treatment charts, treatment plans, digital photos and x-rays at the click of a mouse all while sitting next to the patient is exceedingly efficient and impressive. This objective can be obtained if there is careful planning and execution before simply dropping computers at each chair.

When asked for help to incorporate chairside computing, we are thrilled to help. Having worked in hundreds of practices, believe us when we say, we've seen it all. We have some pretty good opinions that can help both the Doctor and the support staff make the decisions about what exactly they may want to do chairside.

Here's a short list of just some of the questions we might ask to help us craft the best chairside computing solution:

  • Do you plan to type sitting or standing?
  • How much countertop space do you need for non-computer use?
  • Would you like the patient to see the computer screen?
  • Is the computer going to be used for Patient Education and hence need sound?
  • Do you plan on displaying and manipulating 3D images like those for eModel, OrthoCAD, OrthoClear, Invisalign, Dolphin 3D?
  • Are you interested in multimedia options (Xbox, Playstations, television, movies) for waiting patients?

Depending on the answers to each of these questions, there are literally dozens of solutions. Fortunately, it is likely that someone in your situation has already made similar decisions and we can help, at least visually. Whether you have a retrofit project or starting new, please visit our portfolio pages to see what some of our other customers may have already accomplished.