Computers & Networks

Your needs may be as simple as a single new computer or as complex as a large network of computers at multiple locations. You may be upgrading systems to work with new practice management software, adding systems for chairside computing, or renovating your practice and installing a new network at the same time. MME can help. We can build new networks from the ground up, upgrade your existing network or work with your architect to integrate a computer network into new/renovated practices.

MME starts with a technology plan for your practice - for today and for the future. We consider what you need, design the network, select the components, prepare a detailed budget, and if necessary, break it into a phased approach that meets your growth plan. We will design your network to integrate your resources - staff, software, digital imaging, and peripherals - for maximum efficiency. We know today's practice and image management software and the accompanying hardware you need to run it.

In today's market, computers, servers, printers and software are mostly commodity items. We use our customers' huge collective buying power get you significantly cheaper equipment from our large network of suppliers.

The next step is to arrange an evaluation meeting between you and an MME project manager. We will assess your current systems and explore where you want to go. We will prepare your master plan and detailed budget, and we will use them to guide you through the process. Pick up the phone and call today.