Custom Installation

One of the biggest distinctions between MME and the "local IT group", besides dental technology knowledge, is that we have a vast pool of custom installation experience to draw from. Our job is not only to provide expert computer networking skills but to integrate it into your practice in a seamless professional manner.

A thorough onsite evaluation usually helps resolve many design/installation issues. During the construction process, MME technical staff can work with the local construction contractor. This often means adding additional bracing for large LCD displays or raceways for future cabling. This planning can often save on overall project costs and increase future technology options.

To install networks efficiently, MME has developed detailed installation standards. For many projects and especially retrofits, our experienced technicians often exercise out-of-the-box thinking for mounting computers and LCD displays.

Once we have completed a project, one of the most common observations made by our customers goes something like:"You really did a nice clean job! Where are all the cables?". Our staff take pride in each and every practice that we help.

We really do go the extra 10% to make sure that the computer network is professionally installed. To see some of these professional installations, please visit our portfolio pages to see what some of our past customers have appreciated.