Digital Technologies

Congratulations, you have made the jump to digital technology or at least you are thinking about it. Before long you’ll be asking yourself questions like:

  • Are these the best digital photos I can take with this new digital camera?
  • Why are my photos blurry and off-color?
  • What can I do to tune this printer to print my photos better?
  • Do I need a better printer?
  • How do I integrate my x-rays and photos with the best practice software?
  • Now that I can capture digital pans and cephs, what are my contingency plans if the capture computer is down?
  • Are these new digital images backed up regularly and are those backups being monitored?
  • This ConeBeam CT data sure does take up a lot of disk space. What happens if I have a hard drive failure?

These are just a few of the questions MME tries to answer during the planning process of your project. Our breadth of experience with dental imaging hardware and software allows us to help provide guidance before or after your technology decisions.

Since every piece of digital hardware and software has their own benefits and drawbacks, we can help provide unbiased answers to these questions. Although we maintain excellent relationships with many of the technology providers, we still remain vendor neutral and can make any technology decision work for your practice.

Some of the more predominant vendors we work with are:

(in alphabetical order)

Digital X-ray

Cone Beam CT


Photo Printers

Digital Cameras

Dental Photography Kits