Internet & Security

Are you considering getting connected to the Internet, or is your practice already connected and you are worried if you have all the necessary protection in place?

Are you taking prudent security precautions within your practice network to comply with HIPAA? These are common and important considerations for every practice.

There are many compelling reasons to utilize the Internet in your practice:

  • Email with referring doctors and patients
  • Online order of supplies from Schein, GAC, Patterson and others
  • Access to online services like OrthoCAD, Invisalign and others
  • Enabling remote support from your software vendors
  • Access to online professional resources like AAO, AAOMS, ABO, etc.
  • Enabling your ability to work from home

If you decide to connect, you need to consider protection from issues like:

  • Viruses
  • Hackers
  • Spam
  • Spyware

Within your practice network you should be considering other security issues such as:

  • Users and Passwords
  • Domain Security Rights
  • Practice Management application internal security
  • Accounting application security
  • Human Resources information security
  • After hours security
  • Risks of previous employees
  • Wireless Access security

MME is knowledgeable and experienced in crafting a security solution that is in tune with your practice goals. We examine your needs and design an overall solution that is right for you.

Learn more about these and other security considerations online from our presentation archive.