Proactive Server Maintenance Program

Proactive Server Maintenance Program

This program is ideal for customers interested in addressing network issues that arise before they become serious and affect the operation of the practice, acting proactively rather than responding reactively. The program was developed based on our customers' goals to reduce and manage the expenses of ongoing maintenance of their existing networks.

The program is centered on having an MME technician connect to your practice's server once per month and reviewing the status of the backup system, antivirus protection, event logs, uninterruptible power system, storage systems and security updates. We will be looking for signs of developing problems while performing necessary ongoing maintenance.


Investing in this program will reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your network by minimizing unplanned interruptions of the whole practice. An MME expert will keep your server in tune so that your network, and your practice, will continue to run smoothly.

How do you enroll in the program?

All it takes is a simple call to your MME representative and say "do it." We will gather the necessary information from you (often we have everything we need already) and once your payment is received we will schedule your first service.

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